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3D Holograms


We provide impactful products that push the boundaries of advertising, events and visual 3D holographic technology.

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60cm | 4 blades | 

724 led | 1260 x 1260

Hologram wall 3.jpg
Hologram 2.jpg


60cm | 4 blades | 

1024 led | 1920 x 1920

Hologram wall 2_edited.png
Hologram 3.jpg


77cm | 4 blades | 

1280 led | 1280 x 1280

hologram waal 1.jpg


36 blades | 9216 led |

1920 x 1920


24 blades | 6144 led |

1920 x 1920


12 blades | 3072 led |

1920 x 1920


3D Holograms

We offer a new reconsidered way of visual communication that proved to be the most effective and engaging communication medium. Businesses need to fundamentally rethink their revenue profiles and strategies to position themselves for the long term and get ahead of the competition in the new normal. To do this companies must SHAPE up.

boost footfall

Make a strong first impression and convert passers-by into your visitors by at least 35% more successfully using the WOW factor of holograms placed in a shop window.

enhance branding

Strengthen your brand, set it apart in the industry, and increase its perceived value. Create buzz around your business and make people talk about you.

recover revenue

Draw attention to your offer and trigger optional sales of high-margin products and services, upsell and cross-sell to increase revenue up to 44%.

increase retention

Deliver a next-level in-store visual experience that can’t be replicated digitally to build relationships with your customers and make them want to return.

decrease human interactions

Meet social distancing guidelines, keep your customers safe, and your promotion - effective and engaging by using a holographic shopping assistant

inform about safety measures

Ensure that important public safety information is noticed. Give confidence to visitors by emphasizing that you make social safety a priority.


3D Holograms

Our All-in-one holographic system for your hotel is so much more than a device, it’s a fully integrated digital solution, complete with hardware, software & top-notch 3D content.

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café & restaurants

3D Holograms

Restaurant holo.png

Increase an average bill by using our holographic signage as an alternative to conventional signage and menu boards. We offer a new reconsidered way of visual communication that proved to be the most effective and engaging communication medium.

optimize window marketing & raise awareness

Use the WOW effect of holographic technology to drive promotions aimed at pedestrians and drivers, based on the time of day and/or an average diner's profile accordingly.

increase an average bill

Cross-sell menu items or set a new perceived value for medium and lower-priced products to increase an average bill by placing a holographic device at the checkout area.

grow sales with interactive holographic menu boards

Promote your menu with an immersive visual experience that commands attention and triggers additional sales of high-margin items. Enable customers to navigate through it with simple hand gestures.

3D Holograms


Mesmerize audiences with holographic visuals floating in mid-air at Trade shows & Expos, Conferences, Ceremonies & Galas or Product Launches.

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